Indigo Presence offers services including Intuitive Soul Readings, Integrated Reiki Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Services for Children and Teens, and Spiritual Development Classes and Workshops.

We are an emerging center of healing, alternative therapies, support and resources to help you to find your place and tap into your highest possible power.

We are here to guide you to embrace your strengths and gifts and use them to create a loving and abundant place for yourself on this planet. Our mission is to help you walk from where you are now to the life you know you were meant to live. We embrace all faiths and belief systems in our integrated approach to alternative healing and counseling.

We are here to cultivate the Spirit in each and every person who is drawn to us! Here you will find a budding collection of resources and experiences to help you continue moving forward on your personal and spiritual journey.

Come and see what we're all about! Browse through our resources and check out the services, classes and workshops we offer nationally and internationally!

Building a toOur team membersr this big takes many LEGO pieces. Most of our team's friends have providedI from their personal collection, nevertheless the goal would never be reachable without the generous help of hundreds of supporters.


Where we're going...

Emma is currently in Melbourne Australia. She travels all over the world to see clients, teach workshops and classes regularly. If you are interested in supporting this venture in any way please email Emma at [email protected]

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